Another sleepless night..

filled with coughing kids (well, one kid) and a crappy feeling me. Figured I might as well post my wicked late truthful tuesday post since I'm bloody awake anyway lol.
I have decided I am making a list..

1) I always, always forget every single password I use. Of course since I do a lot of wicked important (lol) stuff online, almost everything has an entirely different password- things get confusing. Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to log into SSD or Blogger because I have to run through every stankin password I have.. it's annoying. I don't know where the "truth" was in this one.. that I am easily annoyed.. or forgetful or what.. but there you have it.

2) In the past week I went from psycho anit-meds nazi to medicating my child around the clock. I apparently just can't handle coughing suddenly. He's actually doing a little better tonight- woo.. but seriously..he's been medicated since friday and I feel like crap because of it. I know it's not making him any better.. it is helping him sleep though- well sort of, he's been doing most of his sleep at odd hours, so in a round about way I am trying to make myself feel better about it sort of.

3) I'm falling further and further behind on things that I need to get done because of this bloody cold/flu/whatever it is. I have had a constant headache on top of the other crapola.. and I just want to well.. put my head through the computer screen at the moment. That would be quite counter productive though.. so instead.. I am sitting here staring at it, waiting to see if connor settles back down so I can go sneak back into bed.

4) last night, while rocking him back to sleep, I read this really interesting essay/article/whateverz in my allure magazine (yes.. once again.. I have NO idea why I get allure mags.. but I read them anyway) about like obsessive behaviors/obsessions/etc.. it was actually pretty interesting. *says the girl who just refreshed her email 500 times.. yeh.. obsessive behaviors lol*

5) Connor is way too big to be rocked. WAY too big. He's like my moms chocolate lab.. they both think they're itty bitty still and climb up on yer lap. Kid.. you're seriously like just under 2ft shorter than me.. please stop. I love you SO so much, but you are breaking my body lol. I know you feel like crap, I do too.. but one day, very soon probably, I'm not going to be able to pick you up anymore, and .. we just need to break this habit asap.

6) I am very thankful that I am a tall-ish woman. At least in relation to Connor. In other situations I tend to hunch over because I feel a bit akward.. Which is odd- seeing what I grew up with. I'm 5'7.. not a giant, but taller than "average".. but all the males in my family are all super tall.. my dad is 6'4- my cousins are all around there, my uncle.. I think my aunt was even near there LOL.. I had no reason to hunch over growing up, I was always staring at shoulders.. but whatever, I do anyway. (In case you were wondering.. Ce is just (like an inch if we're lucky) under 4' tall.. already. I guess he got my family genes. He'll putter out soon I'm sure.. lol)

7) I'm totally.. totally uninspired right now.

8) I miss my mom and she lives 5 minutes away....

9) I'm a big animal lover- we know this- but I seriously.. can not stand this cat. He is making me bonkers. He's also like, way too cuddly. If I wanted a cuddly animal.. well I don't know where I was going with that, but I'd prefer an animal who cuddles with me not to gnaw on my body parts randomly while we sleep. It's unpleasant, so cut the crap cat. You have your own bed. He ONLY snuggles with me (understandably since ce tortures him). I even like purposely rotate where I sleep (ok, that really is just me being crazy.. but we'll say it's because of this) and he still follows me into the other rooms and lays his fat butt all up on me. sigh. He's a sweet cat mostly, he's just.. well a cat.

10) I thought connor was asleep but, well I'm still not sure. He's talking. This is one of those reasons I don't like meds.. they make my kid crazy. I still remember, when my brother was little .. he was on some mega steroids for his asthma-- and he use to talk a LOT in his sleep.. and one night he was yelling "PUSH THE RED BUTTON!!" over and over.. it was quite odd lol. So yeh, that's all I think of. Though I will say... that since I've been medicating him he hasn't had one single nightmare-- that's good right.. eergh. I don't know why he's been having so many lately, they've all been really scary to him though. He calls them "movies in his eyes" (lol).. sometimes I like die in them and stuff-- no 4 year old should be dreaming that crap. Bleck.

11) and lastly... I will leave you with the voodoo frog.. this is also what medicating my child brings about.. weirdness about.