sometimes he reminds me it's all worth it

Several months ago (well I think it was that long anyway) when I was at my wits end with connor and venting to robin, she said that ce wasn't looking for a friend right now, what he really needed was for me to be firm and discipline him (something along those lines), he needed me to continue being the strong steady mom---you know the mom I use to be. Admittedly, I am sure that some of the behavioral issues I've been having with connor are really MY fault- and not just the situation we're in now/the change in our lives or the age. I've become inconsistent and giving in too much-- I have this great fear that he'll decide he hates me one day and want to go live with his dad instead of staying with me. I know that's crazy talk.. and something I don't even need to think about till he's like.. 16 and moody LOL.
Anyway.. we were having a *really* really bad day yesterday. He lost his movies (he earns one every other day), he lost his smart cycle, I was about to start taking things out of his room .. LOL .. really bad day.. he kept pushing and pushing, but I stayed firm.. I told him he wasn't going to disrespect me any more and just kept putting him back in his room and told him when he was ready to behave and act like a big boy he could come out and talk to me.
This went on for a while.. lately-- as in the past few months-- I've been so awful about being consistent. He'd scream and yell at me and say but I wanted to follow directions, and I cave and don't stick to his punishment. Obviously this was the wrong plan-- as he was just getting worse and worse. Today, was the last straw though...... no more of the weenie mommy.
Several hours later,he was calm, his chores were done.. he was being super super helpful and sweet.. and he says "Mom I have something to tell you... " expecting something goofy and ridiculous like normal I prepared for something weird like.. dog cats have lemur tails-- but he said.. "I want to tell you something... Mom... you're a great mom.. You're doing good.. don't be sad or mad or sad or anything anymore ok?? I want you to be HAPPY.. you are GREAT and I love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever."
**aww kid**
Every once in a while ce comes out with these beautiful things.. and I am just truly blessed to have such an amazing kid.. So I guess what I'm saying is.. 1) I love my kid lol but 2) Robin really was right all those months ago. What the kid wants.. what the kid needs is for me to just buck up and be the "mean" mommy while I have to.. He NEEDS the rules.. he WANTS the structure.. and well, I'll keep giving it to him then :)


taking a minute to post

Not sure how much time I'll have this week to post random never ending babbles on my blog -lol- I'm up to my eyeballs in things that need to get finished btwn today and.. the 14th ;) so we'll see. Figured I'd pop on for one one moment of randomness while illustrator loads though.

Connor are competing for sound control atm.. I have pandora running (which is awesome btw.. check it out if you haven't already, shawna turned me onto it .. last year sometime. Awesomeness) and Connor is playing that (annoying) smart cycle game thing of his. Apparently we're both blasting our "sound" in order to try the other one out.. Our neighbors must love us haha.

Geez illustrator is being cranky today. I have a million things to do load up already. I just took some random quiz, a gay "what song are you".. and I have never even heard of this stinkin song it claims I am.

apparently I'm not the only one who didn't know what it was LOL.. did you see all the comments "rarah this was my result on quizilla" lol that's too funny.

Anyway, Hanna finally rolled through last night- it was quite a pathetic storm indeed.. but it did knock us down like 10 degrees, so that's a huge help. It's supposed to rain on and off like all week now, so we should stay tolerable again. It was so nasty humid yesterday waiting for the storm to get here-- and it didn't really even "get here" till night time. It was insane.. like -- breathing water. I gave in and plugged the AC back up. Connor was whining that he was sweating and didn't feel good, that was enough for me. We live in an oven practically (3rd floor apartment), so whateverz.. they can charge me for an extra month, I don't care... my kid comes first :)

Why am I still taking quizes.. Like I needed a quiz to tell me that I'm "down to earth" .. or what kind of girlfriend I am (LOL ok I couldn't finish that one, the questions were just ridiculous.. lol lol) there are some oooodd quizes here. Oh, I'll take this one.. since I have NO idea ANYTHING about that twilight series everyone was always ooh'ing and aah'ing about.. let's see which twilight character I am..

Edward Cullen.

result image

You're a sexy vampire whom every person in the room can't help but stare at! You can read every one but your true love's mind. Good for you, now go charm yourself a Bella Swan.

That's a good thing right?? hahahahahah I have no clue. lmao I'll be sexxy though.

and with that, I am going to stop wasting time and hopefully get to work. Connor is occupying himself for once, so I'm going to take advantage.

Have a great weekend peeps :)