So today be talk like a sea dog tide . This be th' best way t' talk. Everythin' ortin' ta be spoken like this, from now on (or until me hade be tired o' 't). So.. Connor an' I be sea sick.. *sigh* He`s in th' shower steamin' up his hade.I be havin' work t' do o' course but canna focus on anythin'. 'ceptin' this o' course. This be entertainin'. I be torturin' shawna mostly, on accoun' o' that be what I do.. that be what a good buxom beauty does. hahaha So aye, I be havin' nothin' t' actually say.. but really wanted t' be havin' a shipmate speak post on me blog today. `Tis a requirement an' what nay. Aft t' work an' brain explosions an' th' like. Be havin' a great tide me wenches.


Truthful Tuesday

lol yeh ye... I missed last week. I know :)) It's cool that other peeps are doing this with me now though - woot- LOL you'll all just have to pick up the slack when I space out :))

So that's not my amazingly truthful post... but here comes.

I'm a bad friend. Really. More so, I'm really a lot more controlling than I realize- and when I don't have that "control" I just pull away. Granted I'm like that with everything.. It's probably why a lot of my friendships just fizzle out and die after a while-- unless the other half is really determined to kick my ass and refuse to let me be a douche that is LOL.
One of my friends, has been going through a really horrid time for a long while now, and I know she'll read this- but since I'm not really talking about what's going on with her but how much of a douche I am I guess it'll be ok to write this as my TT post. I'm pretty sure this is a cross roads I've come to in every single friendship.. We get to a point, where I just start pulling back. Why? I dunno.. it's always right when they probably need me the most- which of course wreaks havoc on that relationship base there. I'm not really good with the emotional side- of anything, of myself and more importantly my friends LOL. I have like this threshold-- a very low threshold.. and I will give everything up until that point.. and if it continues, if nothing changes, or if they turn back and don't make the "change" I expect them to.. I am spent.. and I have nothing more to give- and I try to run away. Is that fair to them? Of course not.. I really need to stop expecting people to just follow what *I* think is best for them.. that is asinine, really. People make their own choices, and it's my job as a friend to support them, not to tell them what to do. I can still think I am right.. deep inside, everyone does, but I shouldn't yank my support because I don't know how to deal with the way I feel about it without screaming. They already have enough shizz going on that they don't need their friends becoming another negative aspect. (Seriously, I am rolling my eyes at myself LOL.. ). I don't really know what it is more of.. my inability to deal with peoples emotional side, or my inability to take just relax and let people live their lives. I just want to grab everyone by the shoulders, stand them up straight and tell them how freakin awesome they are and that they deserve better.. so much better. Is that wrong? LOL..



So part of my adventures today involved ce announcing to the entire market (Well the part of the market that we were in anyway LOL) that he thought my hair looked HORRID and I needed to buy hair dye. haha thanks. Well it did look horrid really. It was this strange mix of brown orange and yellow. I had promised shawna I wouldn't dye my hair for 3 months and well went above and beyond that. I don't know what I was waiting for.. my entire head to be grey? Who knows (oh yeh.. I forgot that colour in the mix.. I like to pretend it doesn't exist.)

Anywayz.. omgosh..

ahaha. I forgot how much I love red tones :) In mommy world, red tones have really been my only hair "thrill". I think I would look pretty silly with my pre-ce hair.. but that blah brown poop just had to go. I hate it.. I was just complaining the other day about how dull my hair looked.

Sooooooo.. the moment you have been waiting for (Well not really.. if you were like anxiously anticipating this that would be really odd..) here are some pics with ze new colour..
ignore my shotty camera skills.. and my doofy faces. I do not know why I am glowing, but I DO know that I don't smile often because my face looks enormous (as you can tell by one ofthe pics haha) I have big ole chipmunk cheeks, they are better hidden...always. My faaaaavorite thing about red tones.. is that it makes the green pop more in my eyes :) I know it's gay.. to be like all loving a feature on myself LOL.. but my eyes are like the one thing that I'll always have and love-- I can gain 500 lbs, but I'll still have neat eyes LMAO

ok.. done being lame..

here are the pics for real..


getting tired of trying to look normal

and the final frustration.. lol

that is all.. NOW I have get back to work since I've been off galvanting all day- but it was a much needed (and great) break :)