Am I ... blogging? *gasp* the world is ending!

I'm such an awful blogger... and I gave up on proj 365, I take piccies all the time but keeping up with it was just too much lol. My life is a combination of too busy and too boring- not great for things like 365.
So quick update on life.. hm. Some things are stressing me out to the max.. some things are making me incredibly happy <3 kidlet is crazy hyper and keeps me on my toes.. you know the usual. He actually just spent the last 20 minutes dissecting/killing ants... mmm fun times. Yeh we have ants again, why .. is beyond me. The kitchen is clean, and we live in a 3rd floor apartment.. but apparently these ants thought it would be a killah party up here.. i dunno, I don't see the excitement in meeting your demise c/o a 5 yr old boy- but whatever floats your boat ants lol.
My hair .. is incredibly sad right now. (see I told you my life is particularly boring- but I do like to talk about my hair so deal lol). It still needs to be cut, and I need to figure out this colour issue. I have some things coming up in my life that uhm.. well pink hair wouldn't mesh too well with. The pink is all faded out at this point, and it's a very odd mix of the drk brown and various shades of yellow. Super hot.. I may just leave it like this for now, I can clip it back in certain ways to make it not look so freaking weird.
Speaking of hair clippies-- I loove them-- and my favorite site evah Shana Logic has theee cutests hair clippies! I adore them.. here are a few of my favorites.. I won't show you everything on the site ^_^ I promise..

aren't those all freakin adorable? Ok that was a lot of them.. but still.. I love them all. I'm totally in a clippie phase. I went through a head band phase when my hair was a bit shorter.. now we're onto these. I have some darling bows (they ARE darling :p I am not 5), and some gemmie clips.. and a rainbow clip.. I just <3 them :]

Well I suppose I need to stop writing now because I just turned to look at kidlet and noticed he's drawing all over himself- again. At least it's orange and purple this time and not black. Black marker is incredibly difficult to get off - in case you were wondering :p

peace out peeps :]