national I'm a jealous monkey day..

ok, this isn't a real one... ^_^ but I AM a jealous monkey. my friend is currently in a plane.. on their way to cali-forn-i-a... picture me totally green with envy. I loove to travel, and haven't been able to for like a year and a half now due to life stuff.. It's making me a bit loony LOL. I hate being stuck in one place .. I want to go go go. Everywhere. I haven't been to Cali since I was 19, I love it there.. I love the entire west coast. Plus, it's going to be gorgeous in cali (when isn't it) and I'm stuck here in gloomy grey weather all week. hmpfh. lol
Ce and I will have to plan a trip this summer or something.. I know we're prolly going to upstate NY for a weekend or something, but I dunno if that will help with my insatiable need to travel. Plus I have to drive there.. and while I do love driving.. 7 hrs with a 5 yr old in a car isn't really fun fun. Last time we went up there, the drive up was fine.. I was smart, and drove over night so he just snoozed (though I had to drive the majority of it in a scary thunderstorm).. the way back though, was horrid. We stopped at Every 30 miles.. mooooooom I have to go to the bathroom. >< ok. fine. lol At least on a plane, if he gets the urge to pee we don't have to stop the travelling to do so. He's a great little flyer though.. It's so much fun with him. The first time he flew, he was just under 2 so he was on my lap- that was unpleasant. One of the flights was overnight and the $#^@##%# in front of me had their seat back allllll the freakin way. Nothing like being pinned with a 2 yr old on your lap for hours. I could barely breathe. I'm kinda glad he requires his own seat now :p at least *I* can be slightly more comfortable lol. So who wants me to come visit? Some where fun.. and you know, you need to be near an ocean somehow. LOL I can't handle central US.. I need costal areas.


Happy National Garlic Day!

(I found this darling lil garlic dude on etsy)

really though.. this is how I am feeling about "garlic day" Bet you thought I was making things up.. No.. no April 19th IS national garlic day.. and someone in my apartment building seems to be really living up the celebration. I live on the 3rd floor.. there are only 6 apartments in my building, so I get my fair share of "smells" lofting up from the neighbors. But, never THIS overpowering. I love garlic as much as the next person sure.. but holy cow. I think she may have soaked her apartment from floor to ceiling in garlic juices or something. It is SO overpowering.. I can barely breathe it in anymore.. even my eyes are watering. So please.. be kind to your neighbors, if you must partake in this holiday.. please do not attempt death by garlic.. enjoy your garlic if you must.. but right now, I'm thinking if I have to smell garlic again anytime soon... I may hurl.