catching up

So I'm a slacker.. well a half slacker.. those stupid sickies held onto me so tightly this week. But.. fabulous news.. la seems to be almost 100% better today :] woot woot.. so I may as well post up all the piccies I missed for this week LOL

1/6/09 yes.. yes.. my child is climbing the curtains. he was out of control that day. this is what happens when mommy is too sick to chase after you. I did make him promise never to do that again

1/7/09 breaking things.. take 2. So first he broke his lil anikan toy.. and now this big ole shell my mom gave him. she brought it home with her after one of their last drives up to maine.. and he smashes it. nice kid.
1/8/09 Kiddo went with his dad thursday, instead of the usual wednesday. I was alone.. grumpy.. still sick.. and trying to figure out wth my hair faded to such an ugly colour. Need to fix the pink. :]

1/9/09 I miss my grandma. :[ I wore this necklace to the funeral in july.... and I wore it all day this day, randomly yes.. but I wanted to. [awesome explanations on these piccies I know!]
1/10/09 yom yom yom.. kiiiity! .. yeh more kitty torture. Kiddo is seriously lucky this cat hasn't totally spazzed out on him yet. there was a pre-series to this.. all with kitty decked out in my bra :p This one was more fitting though :p


Day 5

I'm totally not in the mood to blog today :p so just the piccie.. I dunno why it looks so jacked up.. I was apparently not paying attention to what I was doing LOL. I'll fix it later :p .. Just sums up our day. Blargh. Poor Anikan has suffered because of it.


*cough cough cough*

:[ I have thee ugliest sounding cough today. It's bleck. I'll live..but I feel like whining and laying around instead lol. Ce is fine, so hopefully it just passes through me and then gets the hell out of our house. He's surprisingly healthy overall.. so we may luck out.
He's so stinkin cute when I'm sick though.. he goes into mommy mode and tries to take care of me hehe. He keeps telling me to lay down, brought me gatorade (instead of soup, it's better for me apparently *laughs*), rubbed my back, brought me a blankie etc. Suuch a sweet little boy. Who needs a hubby when I have a kid like this ;) lol...... granted, I doubt I would get even close to this sort of treatment from any man.... I'm hoping I'm raising ce right though.. so that one day he's super sweet to whoever he settles down with ^_^

so that brings me to my 365 pic for today.. #4 woot

not the world's greatest pic or anything.. but there is ce being sweet, and me looking like I got run over by a truck, or 5. LOL I would never post a pic of me looking like that... if it wasn't for my kid being stinkin adorable LOL. There was a 2nd pic but my stupid glasses caught the light from the window, ce also looked more like he was trying to put me in a headlock. haha.

In other news.... shawna, is an angel, and I love love love her. She & G are the best "family" I could ever ask for.. I love you guys, seriously.. I won't forget how wonderful you guys are to us ever. And........ other gay stuff :] I'm light headed LOL don't mind me.

err.. that is all I think. I started typing out other stuff, but it got wicked weird wicked fast. So no more typing today. Sleepz.. yes. mmm..