I love my best friend..

So anyone reading my blog, undoubtedly knows what's going on with my bff Shawna (if for some reason you don't... check out her bloggie.. she'll explain everything there way better than I'm about to). Recently shawna's dr discovered that her thyroid was enlarged. After lots of testing, u/s's and a biopsy etc, they concluded that it was probably thyroid cancer. Today, just now actually.. Shawna is leaving for the hospital to have a thyroidectomy (thank you google for helping with my terrible spelling skillz).. where they will be removing at least half of her thyroid- from what shawna tells me, they are taking out half.. and then poking at the mass (very technical here), and will determine at that point while they're still in there if they have to remove the whole thing.
So.. she's obviously nervous, anxious, whatever you want to call it..she barely slept last night... and while she should be the complete focus right now as she was leaving she said "don't stress too much today k?" Either she's a crack pot (lol I'm kidding love), or she is just the kindest soul around. Through all of this, she has continously been putting everyone else first. Worrying how other people are dealing with it, worried that it's too much for people to process.. she's pretty amazing- that even during a time when she's completely allowed to freak out, she pauses.. and makes sure everyone else is ok. Even the day she found out & told me, she was more worried about how I was reacting. Now of course, I did tweak out.. but I know now that even though the C word is the devil, this may really be a good thing in the end. Shawna's thyroid seems to actually be more evil than cancer in the grande scheme of things, and taking it out may just set everything back to normal for her. That is the end goal, that is what she needs. So you focus on that instead.
So... today I'll be hanging out with my phone, waiting for word on how the surgery went and what not. I know she'll be fine though :] She's a strong little cookie deep inside there... :]

ps yes that is totally a pb&j sandwich :p I love you shawna <3 *muah*


don't be so quick to judge

that's the lesson I learned yesterday. surprisingly, to me anyway, I really enjoyed this whole tennis bit. now, I suck.. it was after all the first time I've ever attempted to play.. but really I had a ton of fun. Hopefully after a few more rounds of practicing I will stop zinging the ball out of the court or over the fence ^_^ ... my brother insists I didn't do thaaaaaat poorly, but..... I def wasn't a rock star or anything. I much prefer this to the whole running bit though. Especially since ce "played" with us.. we bought him his own racket which he used a few times, but mostly he was just running around the court retrieving all the balls I sent askew (which is nice btw.. having someone else chasing them for you lol). Good thing we brought 6 balls with us :p I hope we can go again today.. it's supposed to rain most of the day, but as long as it sticks to an inconsistent drizzle I don't care. A little rain never did hurt anyone.. it's that lightening shizz you have to watch out for :p Of course, tomorrow my brother is going on a 10 day trip with my dad.. so I dunno, maybe I'll practice whacking a tennis ball at a fence while he's gone or something. He's all gung-ho about us doing stuff to get in shape (be it the running or this) but he tends to disappear for weeks on end :p lol.. it makes things a tad complicated. His girlfriend lives in maine so it's usually because of trek's up there.. and then he doesn't feel like coming home lol. Aaah the young love it is. They're quite gay and .. barf inducing. She called him like.. 4? times while we were out yesterday haha.. I couldn't stop laughing. He just got back from there a few days ago.. this time though he's going to FL and then TX with my dad.. visiting peeps or something, I have no idea. I don't really pay that much attention :p


you want me to do what?

So it seems, my brothers mission in life currently, is to find some activity that we can do together on a regular basis. At first, it was the running.. but btwn issues with connor, my knees, and my brother's asthma.. the running has been stop and go for weeks now. Now.. now he wants me to take up tennis. Tennis?? I've never played tennis! Nor had he, till a few weeks ago.. but he has decided, this is what our next adventure shall be. So today we're going shopping to find me a racket.. I have no idea why we are doing this. I've never had the slightest interest in playing tennis :p I don't even know how to play.. Other than you know, whack the ball. It will be interesting to say the least. It is great, that he wants to do these things.. on a brother sister level, and on a La still has weight to lose level- but, I dunno.. Tennis?!?! lol. That's all I keep saying. Out of all the ideas he could have come up with (say.. I dunno.. bike riding instead of running? ) He picked this. Hopefully it goes well, we shall see I guess. I'm fully expecting to hurt myself after 1 try though, this is typically how things go with me. I've got a banged up body :p

In other news.... equally exciting of course, I bought new curtains. They are hot. I'm kinda excited.. All the years living with my ex, I never got to decorate anything. I have all sorts of mixmatched (mostly hand me down) furniture.. nothing coordinates.. everything is blah. So, over the next few months I'm going to set aside time to play with some fabric and paint ^_^ I can't paint the walls.. but I am going to paint all my furniture for sure :p It will be good for me.. and fun, and all that jazz. I just want this place to feel like it's MINE finally. Then.. after I'm done all that, we'll probably move haha.. but that's ok. Well we NEED to move, I'm just blah on that front atm. So yes............. this was a very boring blog post. I've apparently lost my ability to ramble on end. They're getting shorter and shorter.


I scrapped a ton on nsd..

lol, apparently nsd was really good for me. I even shopped *gasp*, not a ton, but seeing I barely ever shoppe it was quite the accomplishment :p

I bought a s uper cute kit from miss Kitty Chen & her magical swirls 2 -- they're awesome btw.. so pretty. I actually scrapped more than I intended to because shawna made me ^_^ .. but it was worth it.

first, I must show you all the emu I pimped for robin's little challenge.... usually she does llamas, which you all know I detest, so I was happy to play with an emu instead :p

This is what I, la, would look like as an emu. I even made it's eyes look like mine :p

and my layouts from yesterday :] weee

for the nsd spin a lift chain :]

I lifted melissa's layout here

credits: scrapkitchen - the village market
layered up in you scallops, edges & arrows by me
hearts by me..
michelle coleman stamped alpha

for speed scrap #1
template by meghan

dani mogstad all you need is love

kitty chen wishes & dreams and magical swirls 2
font: DJB see lyle run

arrow- layered up in you arrows by me.. heart, recoloured from my what I want kit.

and that is all folks :p