kids are smart..

so I haven't posted in forever.. obviously LOL. things have been insane, btwn designing, store stuff, irl stuff... just a whirlwind of crap and not a lot of time to stop and think. So.. blah blah blah you know.. all that LOL. I'm still adjusting to this whole single mom thing- while on the other hand it seems like it's been forever now. There are still issues popping up every day that I'm not sure how to deal with.. be they personal issues, or issues that directly effect the kidlet .. things I can't control, things I can.. you name it.. we seem to slam into these walls all at once though- which makes it even harder to process it all :p I'm a pretty spazzy person haha so it's not going well on my brain at all.

so back to the kids are smart bit.. I was sitting on the couch just thinking (I don't advise this really lol), and I just let out a lil growl smacked the back of the couch and stood up.. Connor, who I am pretty sure by this point thinks I'm crazy LOL.. asks me what was wrong. I told him simply that I was confused about some things and not really sure what I wanted but not to worry about it. He in turn responds with.. "I hate being confused.. it makes me feel insane (mind you he's just about 5 lol).. when I'm confused.. I think.. and I say.. my tummy is hungry.. it wants food.. so I eat a granola bar... and then I'm not confused anymore".. I giggled and told him it wasn't that easy when you're a mommy.. but why can't it be? I love the sweet innocence my kiddo possess.. the simplicity in which he views the world.. I wish I could step back and just look at things the way he does for one day...... It'd at least calm down my brain a lil bit :p