why do I even have a blog..

pffsht.. lol I never post anyway. Things have just been the same.. crazy. Trying to find the balance- still. Failing miserably at it- still. You know, the usual. I'm really really hoping I have some good news to post about soon. I promise a big long drawn out typical La babble post when I get the word.. Right now things are still just up in the air. I'm feeling a little disappointed, but I'm trying to learn not to spazz and blow crap up till I know for certain. But that's hard to do. I never ever get my hopes up about anything, and I totally let myself do so.. so it's been a bit hard to just sit back and wait and let things take their course. I have no control over the situation, so it's a waste of time (so I'm told haha) to worry about it all.
Connor is starting school in a few weeks -finally hahaha. It's going to be SO great for him, and for me. I could totally use the break in the routine etc. I keep telling people how funny it is, a year ago.. I was totally not ready. He has a late bday so he obviously gets bumped to this year. Now, now I can't WAIT for him to start. He's going to have so much fun, and be around kids. Excellent really. I am sure he's bored here at home hanging out with me all day. I'm not exactly you know.. super awesome in the kid entertainment department. :p
I'm getting distracted writing this.. I just installed tweetdeck yesterday- and it keeps chirping at me. so of course I have to go see what is going on. Yes.. La.. focus. You can't even focus on a silly blog post! sheesh haha. Speaking of focus, I've been designing like mad lately, trying to at least keep that going. Designing is SUCH a great outlet for me.. and my last few products have been a lot more........ me friendly. I don't even know how else to say that LOL.. I've just been putting a lot more into it instead of just the cute doodlie stuff.. It's good for me and I am so so lucky to get to work in this field and support my lil family doing something I enjoy so so much. Of course, that doesn't stop me from getting all super frustrated and yelling at crap sometimes LOL but.. hey, it's all good. I'm not posting kit previews here, cause that's what the team bloggie is for.. but since I haven't updated in a monnnnnth+ here are a couple of my most recent fav layouts (ok.. I think I made all of these within the past week, but whateverz.. this post would be a mile long if I posted all of them)

credits: **new 8/1** (that's tomorrow folks! eee)
Clarity by Lauren Reid (she's awesome, everyone should love her.. k? :] )

credits: **new 8/1** One step closer by.. yours truley :]

credits: My Way by Lauren Reid & Lauren Grier (meee lol)

credits: At the bus stop .. by me :]

Anyway.. that's it for now. Like I said, hopefully I have something super awesome to post about sooooon. We'll see :]