are we supposed to scrap on saturdays? LMAO

lol I was just trying to catch up on bloggies and saw two different scrap saturdays :)) I guess though.. it is the day I scrap the most on LOL .. so I'll jump on the bandwagon..

Here's my latest layout :)


Hootenanny by Libby Weifenbach & ChereKaye
SBS worn overlays 2
flower- grown with love julie billingsley *recoloured*
acylic-o-holic- traci reed
buttons- laura deacetis fleamarketbaby *recoloured*
ribbon- fee jardine ribbony bits *recoloured*

and also of course,I took the lil silly what font are you quiz that was on reed's bloggie

You Are Palatino

You consider yourself to be creative and artistic.

And you'd like everyone else to know it!

You take design and aesthetics seriously.

You like everything in your life to be unique and beautiful - but never gaudy!

What Font Are You?

apparently mr quiz hadn't noticed.. I'm not afraid of things gaudy :)) but that's ok LOL it says I'm an artiiiiiiist. ;)

Anyway... Nothing exciting here today, lot's of cleaning, need to catch up on work-- you know the same thing every day. It's rather boring here. Oh, in other news (LOL) I got to talk to traci on the phone last night-- she talks a lot btw, I told her 5 minutes and it was nearly 2 hours. She killed my battery LOL. We're going to have a lot of fun when she comes here, every now and then I just heard a traci giggle start bubbling because of the way I said something :P I was tired aight.. LOL. She has a cute lil cali voice.. she sounds a lot younger than I expected her too, but most people do-- unless they sound manly.. that's happened once or twice and it was odd LOL. You know how you always imagine how people talk when you're posting online or whatever, and someone looks like they'd have a really soft dainty voice, and it's deep and booming-- that sorta thing lmao.
Connor of course, woke up- at like 12, and stayed up till like.. 3 (the phone conversation took place somewhere in btwn those hours), he balled when I hung up because he wanted to talk to her.. LOL poor kid. I TRIED, he refused. He'll get to talk to her soon enough :p

Anywayz.. Connor is colouring dino pics for me now, and then we're going to get going on his room again (oye). Wish me luck today LMAO.



holy CRAP!

LOL I just keep saying holy crap over and over... So in short, Connor has been "cleaning" his room for TWO days. Basically it was a disaster, and I told him to take it little by little, throw away any toys he didnt' want, throw away any paper that was on the floor (he tends to just huck all his art work t here instead of neatly put away in his desk-- you know, typical kid LOL), and of course he had the task of re-organizing all his toy bins. While yes, I do understand this was a HUGE task to just hand to a 4.5 yr old-- tbh I'm tired of doing it for him and him messing it up again (like any mother) SO I basically just wanted to let HIM organize his toys as HE wanted to. He's really really good about his bins (they're separated by toy) so I Figured this would be ok- and like I said, I told him to take his time, and he really was doing great. He loves doing chores, and having free reign of his room made him feel a lil.. I dunno, grown up or something.

Anywayz, as of last night- it was still horrid. He had basically STUFFED his tent full of crap instead of finding the appropriate place for it. So today, I Told him he had to empty his tent out and put things where they belong..... Apparently, in connor's world.. that means empty the closet too, and then just THROW everything ON TOP of the tent- he also made a secondary pile on top of his desk instead of again, putting things where they belong.

So I give you... connor's mountain (the boxes were in his closet)

holy friggin shiz kid!!! LOL the photos don't even do the mountain justice.. but you can see some things poking out that are indicators of the size-- like.. the fan, and the fact that his tent is actually pretty large (well it's a single person tent-- but it's still pretty big- and the rods are prolly snapped now with all this weight on it).

I had to walk out LOL.. and I walked back in with the camera... and this was ce's response to my reaction hahaha

Oye............................. so, lesson learned. NEVER ever ever ever leave a 4.5 yr old completely in charge of their room. bwahahah


I don't even know you... you won't even know I'm gone... la de da de da di do.. LOL yeh, I'm still listening to roses. I don't even know why :)) I just love it. I don't have anything exciting to write at all, but opened blogger because I saw Traci's blog train post for today. I'm kinda in a mood (well that's putting it lightly)- and not really chatty. Yesterday was wednesday-- and we know what wednesdays mean...(daddy visit). So I'm still reeling a little, and then I woke up this morning all sick and crap. Not nice. Connor is actually in a mostly pleasant mood, so that's good. He's usually an absolute TERROR after a visit, but he's just leaving me alone today haha. I don't mind it. Actually, he's a bit of a goober. He's sitting in my laundry basket, which he placed one one of my end tables, eating pumpkin seeds and looking out the window. He's happy though, that's all that matters right :P I randomly started a kit, just now. It's of course fluffy since I'm grumpy. We'll see.... I'm almost TOO grumpy to even be fluffy. Roses Roses gone.. Roses Roses sold out.... sell my kicks for one more low tar (lol oh how I could use a smoke right now- 2 months in a few days :) woo me LOL I would like to you know, not think about it anymore and have my lung capacity back and what not, but we'll get there).
I think, this weekend/next week, I am going to kick the car hunt up a notch. I know being stuck here allllllz the damn time is contributing to my current state of grump. We just can't do this anymore. I want to go to the zoo..... to target.. LOL. Anywhere haha!
See.. I told you. Nothing to talk about. Maybe I'll post again later with something a lil more interesting haha.


truthful tuesdays?

LOL well.. I dunno how open I'll ever get, but this was a suggestion from miss shawna. That doofy exterior of mine is usually just shielding all the bits I don't really want to talk about. I might give little snips here and there, when my anger has bubbled over usually LOL and god forbid I ever actually say anything outLOUD. hahaha That one will take a while. So who's with me for truthful tuesdays? I can't really go it alone.. (well I can, since this is well, my blog, and truthfully I am talking to myself.)

So let's start with something that a good number of people know about, but on the same hand I refuse to publicly talk about.
My version of the truth: I am fat and will always BE fat
The real Truth: I am doing GREAT and have lost 27.6 lbs so far.

The secret to my weight loss? Having my husband leave me, pumpkin seeds, Billy Banks and luna bars hahaha. I have those 4 to thank for my success thus far. I have the first to thank for why I got so big to begin with (and myself of course, we can not put all the blame on the man can we? ) Depressed, not caring about anything anymore, whatever you want to call it I was there. I am never going back there either. Ever.

I decided to actually take shawna up on her truthful tuesdays today because I woke up, got dressed and all that rarahrah.. looked in the mirror, and for the first time, in a really really long time, I felt good about myself. Now, I am still fat- I know it's a dirty word- but I have come so far. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally (here comes the gay talk) and I actually am proud of myself on some level. I keep telling people that I want the old la back.. the la from 5 years ago before I started down this path...... but you know what, I don't really want her back. The new la, is going to be 10 times stronger than her... THAT old la, lead me down that path, she obviously wasn't as great as I seem to think she was ;) I can't wait (I know I have to LOL) till I am fully past this phase of my life and I can look back and say damn.. I DID it, I did it on my own and I did it WELL. :)

I know this isn't like earth shattering La truths.... haha, but it's a truth in myself that I need to accept and realize, and those truly are the most important now aren't they ;) I'm a ways off from my FINAL goal still, but I'm 18lbs away from my first goal- and that sounds great :)


so I really am going to try to post on here as much as possible.. LOL who knows, I might post something relevant once in a while haha. Connor and I spent most of the day cleaning (well, fighting). I've started planning out how I'm going to transform this ho-hum wood panelled horror of an apartment into something liveable - I moved a few things around in the living room (LOL it's pretty small there's not a lot of wiggle room), and I'm shopping for a new compact cute desk (maybe like one of those glass metal combo desks? something other than wood that's all I know at this point), and I'm going to paint some furniture.. get some fabric, make some long curtains, make some pillows.. you know little things that won't break the bank (LOL well the desk isn't little, but I really need a new one). Connor's job of course was cleaning his room-- which was where the fighting came in. I've decided this whole "I'm almost 5" attitude totally blows LOL. I've been really spoiled up until this point with a sweet gentle kid- I don't know who he is anymore LOL. I'm told he'll calm down by the time he's.. 10. At least I won't have to deal with a teen girl right??? LOL. Teen girls will kill ya. He did eventually clean.. at dinner time. It was a long LONG day..
I snapped some pics of him, during one of the few moments he wasn't screaming at me-- they totally crack me up. He's SUCH a poser, he seriously stood in each of these positions just waiting for the camera to be ready.. I wish I had taken better pics, or had him move over or something cause they're so goofy (well to me.. knowing how the situation went down LOL). I also love them because they show off his weirdo style well LOL. His dad always gives me strange looks (well.. that's putting it nicely) when he sees what Connor is wearing.. but it's alllllllllllllllllllll the kiddo. I like that he has his own little way of expressing himself- and hey, he sorta matches.. he just likes clashy patterns LOL (ps his shorts ARE on backwards though, this is a favorite, and I'm not really sure why) He usually has a few more layers going on, but he decided just a sweatshirt was enough for today.

ps ignore the huge wet spot on his shirt, the boy does not know how to take a drink properly apparently.

I have no idea on this one LMAO.. attack of the crazy boy this is his "woooooooooooooooooah dude" face
I don't know what this was supposed to be.. LOL tough guy or something. Ignore the crap on the counter, I told you we were cleaning LOL-- oh and the broom behind him haha

*sigh* I can't believe how big he's getting.. He doesn't look like a baby at all anymore.


as promised...

so most of you know about my great love for miss audrey hepburn.. well there you have it, LOL she lives on my fridge haha. I thought she was a nice contrast to the green nails lmao. I have like this secret (well not so secret) other side of me who wants to be all glamorous, and well, be audrey. Unfortunately my love for things like green nail polish and shiny plastic little girl crap makes it a little difficult. One day I'll have the perfect blend of audrey + whatever you want to call the other half of me. It's too bad.. LOL I hacked off my wrist in this pic, it would have added to the clash. Connor and I made "matching" plastic bead & gimp bracelets.. mine is pink and purple-- super hot haha.
Anywayz.. about the nails.... This is prolly a bit darker than it should be, I put like 5 coats. Now, yes I am insane, but there was a reason for it. The nail polish is a bit weird.. like it didn't have that "shiny" look to it kwim, of course I am out of clear and that would have solved the problem instantly... so anyway.. rarah.. yes, lots of layers of green.. it's really a little bit lighter/brighter than this, but since I DID promise a pic...... there you have it. Now .. back to work :)




LOL woot. It's not perfect, but I am so done for now. I am way spoiled by wordpress I think :)) I just wanted something quick and easy for my personal bloggie instead of dealing with all those database issues I have with my site.. but nooooooooooooooooooo LMAO.

Anywayz, now I have a new place to ramble on endlessly. Since I will only post my previews/store stuff on the team blog- I can babble about whatever I feel like here right ? :) LOL we'll see. I need to go find some peeps to add to my "blogs I read list". While I do love shawna, and her blog is the most important, I look like I have no friends now :)) My team is listed on the other bloggie so there's no need to link them here too :)) It's dinner time now, so we're going to go do that.. and then I have to wrap up some QT work.. and then..... well I have no idea what comes after that LOL. Spacing out.. dreaming of Leo.. watching blood diamond again (Megan IS the best btw, I still can't believe she sent me that LOL) oh and I have to take a pic of my green nails for everyone, LOL cant' forget that bwahaha.

OK Laterz