hellooo dear sweet bloggie.

I think I need to start posting again, regularly that is. I mean I still don't really have anything much interesting to babble about.. but you never know what random thoughts may pop into my head while typing. They could be really important lol.

Hmmz.. we can start with the standard "Catch up on La's randomness" ..
I am happy.. with the way life is-- stressed to hell of course, but happy with the way things are for the most part. Kid is good, bored and insane, but good... Friends are great, far away.. and I am beginning to hate driving- which is remarkable. I love driving, but apparently there are just some places that I am having issues tolerating (lol).. Cat is alive.. which is also remarkable :p Christmas was ok, went to the rents, drank too much wine.. Ce was whiney and passed out- but overall.. good day. My hair is growing out, insanely quickly.. which is odd to me. I mean my hair has always grown fast, but this is like bwahpffffffffft. (I really made that noise. go ahead and try.. I'm pretty cool you know). Hmm what else.... I'm struggling coming up with ideas for kits lately, the ones that do happen are usually pretty random. Like the other week.. I was sitting here all dorky and seriously yelled "I want to draw a spoon!" ...... yeh I have no idea what the crap that was lol but it worked I guess..
Oh.. and I guess I can tell everyone..
I am totally in love..

with this cereal I am eating ^_^ I'll have to find the box, it is delicious.... I think it's like old people cereal though, it seems all... fibery. Maybe tomorrow I will have something interesting to say :p
Have a great weekend

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