things suck.


so let's see, ce and I are still actually sick, it is like the never ending cold. He still has a bit of a cough and apparent insomnia.. I have the opposite- land of total exhaustion here. We were surviving though you know.. getting better, slowly.

Then.. ce developed a large lump? on his chin- at first I thought it was a mosquito bite.. but no. of course, I freak out.. (well not immediately LOL but eventually I did).. his dad has been exposed to mrsa about 5000 times at work, so of course that's one of the first things running through my mind as it was getting bigger and worse despite my basic wound treatments.

So I took him to the dr yesterday.. no idea what it is yet, I have to call tomorrow to see if the results from his swab are back, but I am hopeful. He's been on the antibiotics they gave him for a lil more than 24 hours (well 1 dose more than), and the stronger antibiotic ointment.. and it "seems" to be getting smaller.. at least the outer red area,'s hoping it's not the big bad evil mrsa and the antibiotics are kicking it's butt. Maybe they can take away his cough too while they're at it :p I was pretty panicky yesterday.. ce is allergic to sulfa meds.. and has other issues so-- it's just not something he should have to deal with.. so I get a bit spazzy :))

Poor kid has been dealing with everything the past month..ridiculous. I just want him to feel better finally. He's a pretty sensitive kid, so.. all this "torture" (ie warm compresses and application of the ointment) are like.. the end of the world and he's back to hating me haha, but it's all worth it if it makes him better :)

So yeh.. that's the basic mini update.. explains why I've been less than chatty and .. more distracted than usual. I'm still trying to catch up on work but I'm having serious focusing issues. It's like the computer just puts me right to sleep and I can't function anymore. Oye.. LOL I'm ready for all of this to be over so kidlet and I can get back to normal.