so I was all excited that I was actually going to post.. I'm lame and keep getting way too frippin frazzled to keep up with this whole bloggity thing.. but then...... after 5 tries, I realize I can't remember my password >< and I totally forgot what I wanted to write about in the first place! so I'm just going to wing it..

1) Connor turned 5 yesterday O_O!

and here is a pic of him at 1 week (sorry it's so dark.. old shatty scan)

I dunno how many now know about ce's birth.. but it was a hard time. Today was super important to ce.. because when he was born, he weighed 4lbs 15 oz.. and his goal for his birthday was to hit 40lbs.. he missed it by one day.. but check it out :D LOL I'm so proud of him for hitting his goal hahah. He's wicked tall.. so he's still a pune.. but 40lbs is super awesome for a 5yr old, especially for one who started as small as he did. He beat the odds.. and he's perfect :)

Let's see.. 2) I'm happy. ^_^
I apologize to all my friends who have been dealing with my gay babbling. really.. I know I make you want to puke LOL.. I'm posting my apology publicly so that everyone can smack me upside the head when you start complaining LOL

3) shawna is texting me and I keep forgetting what I am about to type next. someone tell her to just get online sheesh LOL jk

4) I totally can't remember anything else LOL... ce is the most important thing to babble about anyway. so peace out dudes.