posting twice in a month..

I think that marks an improvement. sorta. I'm officially 27, well I have been for a few days. It's not really that exciting. I'd been dreading this birthday, just like I dreaded the last one, and will dread the next one. So what, I don't like getting older- I'm sorry if that offends you (lol.. can you tell I'm tired of being teased about this?). You see, last year, my husband had just left a few weeks prior.. this year, well I'm heading into the divorce, a single mom to a 5 yr old.. and 2freakin7.. and next year, well next year I will be 28- and I dunno. Things are just weird and I don't deal well with things I can't control ok????? ^_^ I'm totally giggling writing this. I know it's not a big deal- it's just.. well, it's not the way I thought things would turn out, but life never is really right? Most of the people I went to HS with are either a) already settled down in their lives, with their white picket fences, and 2.5 kids.. or b) they're recently engaged/married and life is all puppy dogs and rainbows for them. BTDT, well not the puppy dogs and rainbows part.. I've just been "off" with my old friends for years now.. Now that I'm here, out there in the world again (granted, I still have the kid part) they're finally catching up to where I was 5-6 years ago and we still don't have much of anythign in common. It's weird ok! I know, I need new friends ... lol. By the time my friends have kids connor will be like.. 15- watch. you'll see. then they'll be asking my kid to babysit their kids so they can go out. Where were they when I wanted to go out? oh yeh... I forgot, they were too busy being young... haha. I wouldn't trade connor for the world, it's just funny how life works out sometimes. I have been able to get out a little more lately, which is nice. Usually like once a week I get to drive out and have some non kid related time- I thoroughly enjoy these moments :p It had been a long time since I had been able to do anything for ME. I like it :p But yeh.. 27 dude. Creeping closer and closer to 30. Actually everyone's ages this year are creeping me out.. 28.. two people just turned 28, my brother is turning 24 (what the crap?!), connor will be 6 this year.. just woah. Enough about that though... my team is awesome btw- did I say that yet, no. They are SO freakin sweet. I was already riding high the morning of my birthday, but then they made it all that much sweeter later. seriously....... I love them :] the whole lot of them.
I am eating the most amazing lunch atm.. asian noodles with soy ginger sauce, veggies & sesame seeds. Seriously.. I rock, be jealous. I'm going to go finish it now and stop typing :p haha.
love la