pet help!

so ce wants *another* pet.. yes yes.. we just got yoda what.. a month ago? Well really what ce wants is a dog- but he knows we can't have one right now. I promised him a while ago that when we had a house & a yard I'd get him a dog.......... this may never happen ^_^ but, that was the deal.
So anyway.. we had to go to the pet store to get fresh carpeting for yodas tank.. and as usual ce oogled at all the animals. I am not opposed to getting another pet but.. merh.. I dunno. I mean we have the cat- which makes things slightly difficult. While he's fat and lazy and never bothered the fish, and hasn't given a diddly about yoda.. I'm still a bit weary. He could suddenly one day decide he's a ninja cat I dunno LOL.
Then of course... I don't want a pet that is going to die in a year. I'm not into those replaceable animals.. I mean, they're cute and all but........ are there any little fuzzy things that last more than 1-3 years (I'm talking the mice, gerbils, hamsters etc.. I've never had one as a pet so I haven't a clue). I'm pretty sure they all have pretty pathetic life spans. Not my cup of tea.
He also expressed interest in birds................. >< I dunno if I can do birds. We had birds growing up.. and my mom has about 62346 now (really.. I have no idea how many.. but there are like 4 cages with multiple birds in each, plus a parrot.). I dunno if I want to hear chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp all day.. I already have to listen to the crickets for yoda and birds are louder haha... So...... maybe not. Plus.. bird + Cat..... no bueno.
I have a feeling we're goign to end up with another herp... of some sort.. snake frog.. another lizard.. but I dunno. The little hamsters were so cute, I just wish they lived longer.
Oh and I hate ferrets. a lot. so no one even think about suggesting those things lmao.
Am I forgetting anything?? I also don't want a 2nd cat. no.
this is really babbly sorry haha
If you read through all of this.. and understood any of it.. thank you. Tell me about yer pets.. and give me some suggestions here peeps.. I'm relying on you haha.


~ Liz ~ said...
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~ Liz ~ said...

Okay no cat huh, I think a kitten would be a perfect companion. Puppies are a lot of work, but dogs are also great companions. I haven't had much luck with my kids taking care of animals in cages, they always say they will but don't. And they all bite. The bird bites. The hamsters, they bite. Lizards, they grow big and strong and bite. So....good luck to you two!

Shawna said...

I'm no help, we got our gerbils because they only have a 1-3 year life span. LOL... so I'm clueless...

Lauren Reid said...

wait i thought you were skeered of birds... can you imagine if they were IN the house?!?!?!?

do NOT get a puppy... get an old yellow dog.... TRUST me on this...

or better yet, just get a leash for yoda and tell Ce thatyou just found out he's a rare species of canine....


Liz said...

I will say that ferrets are the devil. They bite and crawl up your pants leg. Nasty things.

Tracy said...

I think guinea pigs have a longer life span than the hamster, gerbil, etc. They do squeak. But they really have personality. Just a thought.