what's going on in la's world?

Myspace Friendship Iconslol this seriously just cracked me up.. I was going to write about shawna, and found this best friend icon-- and it's amusing, cause shawna thinks I'm a giant.. cause you know, she's a teeny tiny person LOL. Anyway..... Of course, we all received the greatest news this week... miss shawna is 100% cancer free!! Awesomeness.. relief.. joy.. everything all rolled into one. Best news of the century. When she's all recovered, I'm sooo flying her out here so we can celebrate :] I miss her.. it's been way too long since I've seen her last!

I also got onto miss Lauren Reid's CT - eeee also fabulous. I've really been wanting to scrap more lately, so this was the perfect opportunity. I've already made a few pages with her goodies (which are fantastic of course).
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There's another page but I can't show you yet :p Next blog post lol.. but I adore her stuffz.. it's so fun to be on her CT. It's been a while since I've been on one. Good for the mojo and what not.

Today is also mothers day of course.. just chillin with the kidlet- well, he's chillin, I'm in here messing with things lol, but it's all good. This is officially my 2nd mothers day as a "single mom", it's a little weird tbh, but totally worth it. I do however kinda hate that term.. "single mom", it makes me feel diseased. Like you don't call other moms "married moms" or.. "attached moms", LOL you know, it's just odd. but it is what it is. We're rockin it ;)

Hm.. what else. I'm doing a bit better today than I was the past couple of days. That whole angry roar I'm running away from the world La just isn't going to be allowed to dominate. You have to grab hold of your happiness, and fight for it. That's what it boils down to. I'm still working on convincing myself of that.. LOL.. but we'll get there. I'm not going to let people hold me down.. no way, no how. Bugger off. :]


Melissa said...

You are whipping out some fantastic pages!! And I'm SO glad to hear about Shawna!

Bryn said...

I made the new blog so I could get back to the old one, I wanted a strictly scrap blog so I could pimp you guys out and not feel weird about it, since mostly non-scrappy types read my other blog.


Shelley said...

That clock is giving me the creeps