I love my best friend..

So anyone reading my blog, undoubtedly knows what's going on with my bff Shawna (if for some reason you don't... check out her bloggie.. she'll explain everything there way better than I'm about to). Recently shawna's dr discovered that her thyroid was enlarged. After lots of testing, u/s's and a biopsy etc, they concluded that it was probably thyroid cancer. Today, just now actually.. Shawna is leaving for the hospital to have a thyroidectomy (thank you google for helping with my terrible spelling skillz).. where they will be removing at least half of her thyroid- from what shawna tells me, they are taking out half.. and then poking at the mass (very technical here), and will determine at that point while they're still in there if they have to remove the whole thing.
So.. she's obviously nervous, anxious, whatever you want to call it..she barely slept last night... and while she should be the complete focus right now as she was leaving she said "don't stress too much today k?" Either she's a crack pot (lol I'm kidding love), or she is just the kindest soul around. Through all of this, she has continously been putting everyone else first. Worrying how other people are dealing with it, worried that it's too much for people to process.. she's pretty amazing- that even during a time when she's completely allowed to freak out, she pauses.. and makes sure everyone else is ok. Even the day she found out & told me, she was more worried about how I was reacting. Now of course, I did tweak out.. but I know now that even though the C word is the devil, this may really be a good thing in the end. Shawna's thyroid seems to actually be more evil than cancer in the grande scheme of things, and taking it out may just set everything back to normal for her. That is the end goal, that is what she needs. So you focus on that instead.
So... today I'll be hanging out with my phone, waiting for word on how the surgery went and what not. I know she'll be fine though :] She's a strong little cookie deep inside there... :]

ps yes that is totally a pb&j sandwich :p I love you shawna <3 *muah*


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Shawna is in my thoughts today. I hope it goes well for her

taysmommy said...

Hope everthing goes well fo her today mama.

Tracy said...

I hope you'll let us know as soon as you hear something. She is in my thoughts.

Tania said...

Coming by to send you lots O love today too!!! Like I told her, it's going to be fine and everything is getting better from here, I just know it! I'm around all day if you need to chat, catch me on FB.

Shawna said...

la, you made me cry! i love you so much baby!