don't be so quick to judge

that's the lesson I learned yesterday. surprisingly, to me anyway, I really enjoyed this whole tennis bit. now, I suck.. it was after all the first time I've ever attempted to play.. but really I had a ton of fun. Hopefully after a few more rounds of practicing I will stop zinging the ball out of the court or over the fence ^_^ ... my brother insists I didn't do thaaaaaat poorly, but..... I def wasn't a rock star or anything. I much prefer this to the whole running bit though. Especially since ce "played" with us.. we bought him his own racket which he used a few times, but mostly he was just running around the court retrieving all the balls I sent askew (which is nice btw.. having someone else chasing them for you lol). Good thing we brought 6 balls with us :p I hope we can go again today.. it's supposed to rain most of the day, but as long as it sticks to an inconsistent drizzle I don't care. A little rain never did hurt anyone.. it's that lightening shizz you have to watch out for :p Of course, tomorrow my brother is going on a 10 day trip with my dad.. so I dunno, maybe I'll practice whacking a tennis ball at a fence while he's gone or something. He's all gung-ho about us doing stuff to get in shape (be it the running or this) but he tends to disappear for weeks on end :p lol.. it makes things a tad complicated. His girlfriend lives in maine so it's usually because of trek's up there.. and then he doesn't feel like coming home lol. Aaah the young love it is. They're quite gay and .. barf inducing. She called him like.. 4? times while we were out yesterday haha.. I couldn't stop laughing. He just got back from there a few days ago.. this time though he's going to FL and then TX with my dad.. visiting peeps or something, I have no idea. I don't really pay that much attention :p


Kresta said...

I used to play tennis when I was younger. I wasn't terrible or great! :) Once I pegged my sister right in the chest (accident)...she didn't want to play anymore. lol

Eve said...

I use to play in a tennis league back home in Canada. I brought my racket with me when I moved here but have never taken it out of storage...I really should get it out and force Mr. Eve to come play with me LOL BTW I am mailing you a bacon bra as we speak...LOL